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My Work

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In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that helped clients achieve their goals. I am available to take on new work. See my contact information below and get in touch.

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My skills include, but are not limited to, photo/video production and post-production, animation, and sound recording/design.

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My portfolio showcases various commercial and personal projects created throughout my career. Subscribe to my site to get updated when I add new stuff.

About Me

Ithaca College Park School of Communications graduate with a BS in Cinema Production. I have been shooting and editing both photo and video across multiple mediums since age 13. I love helping people express themselves personally and professionally through photo and video.

Since I was first introduced to photo I was enthralled with the process. Since then I have taken a personal and professional interest.

I am grateful to have had a formal education alongside my personal passion for creating imagery. I want to help people recognize their vision utilizing my personal and formal knowledge.


Let’s Collaborate!

Email: photojoe617@gmail.com

Cell: 617-960-7143

IG: http://www.instagram.com/photo_joe_617

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